What did I do in This Course?

Course Work 1

The course started with a little powerpoint presentation. As a group, we prepared a presentation which is about how to use technology in class. We also touch upon "good to grade teacher".

Click here to see the powerpoint

Course Work 2

In the second assignment, I created a lesson and prepared a lesson plan in detail. I also prepared an activity sheet according to the lesson plan.

Click here to see the lesson plan
Click here to see the activity sheet

Course Work 3

There were three learning materials. I chose two of them. The first one is about the filter words; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EPxq5MJPis. The other one is about kids stories;  http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/tweenies/stories/. According to the rubric, I evaluate them.

Click here to see filter words 
Click here to see the Arabian Nights

Course Work 4

  1. Find a proper English text of your interest.
  2. Revise it into a transcript for target grades.
  3. On our Moodle, Upload a detailed lesson plan and a worksheet that relate to the transcript.
  4. Record an episode file that lasts approx. 5 min. on the given website podomatic.com ID: minkee@bilkent.edu.tr PW: podcast
  5. Peer-review an episode.
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Course Work 5

We work in pairs and select two of the learning theories, seach them futher on internet and prepare a short 20 minutes presentation of pors and cons of these theories.

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Course Work 6

In this course, I prepared a Webquest with my partner. We created our accounts. Our topic was Bullying. To our Wequest, we added different activities and pictures. 

Course Work 7

In this course, I prepared a blog to teach new vocabulary to the students. The blog was for 4th grade students. I put a story and I expected the students try to understand the story by look at the new vocabulary form detective part. Then I added different activities related to the story.


Course Work 8

I prepared a presentation by using the PowerPoint. My topic was the elememts of short stories. I tried to do it as much colorful as I can do

Click here to see the presentation 

Course Work 9

I took a new account and create my wiki together with the rest of the class. I did the part short stories. I firstly put prereading section. Then I added the story and lots of activities.